Tuesday, October 16, 2007

5 Top's Choice of Blogs of BSBA

My 1st Top Blog is Ronald my classmate because he was able to complete hisBLOG early.My 2nd top Blog is Rodney because he is industrious in doing nothing.My 3rd top Blog is Polian because he is my Friend.My 4th top Blog is Erikson Pasamba because he is ridiculous in playing guitar and drums.My bandmate.My 5th top Blog is Fernand my Bro........

Lesson learned in Comp. 1

Computer nowadays is very useful in our daily lives. Im happy that my knowledge in computer has been added some more when I had my Computer 1. at Plmar. Ive learned many things especially on how to make use of internet for business purposes. Let us recall the lesson that I have learned in Comp.1.The first Lesson was the meaning of comp. and its primary job.It has four primary job one is Information Processing,Information storage,Information movement & the last is it can communicate w/ other people. Then the history of computer started up from Abacus then we jump to the first generation the vacuum tube(eniac),The second Generation is Transistor then The Third Generation and the last used a Integrated Circuits.Then the next Lesson is Internet,Operating System,Window XP and the Window Vista next is the Viruses the Adware, Malware and the Spyware.Then Blog ,Types of Blog,Podcasting,E-commerce, OnlineShopping,How to progarm a comp.Oooops Ooooops Ooooops......I forgot something the Better Care for your P.C. Copy Copy Careful Careful and Backup Backup.Thank you to my teacher for adding my knowledge..

About My College Life

I find college life more dificult than my grade school and high school.Because in college you become independent no more teachers telling you what to do and guiding you every now and then.College life makes you decide everything on your own.If you want to make your assignment or project its up to you.But you take the consequence.In grade school and high school you have to do your assignment and project otherwise you are reprimanded or call your parents.There may be difficult aspect,but there are also enjoyable and self fulfilling aspect.It makes us more responsible and make us feel free to decide.College life for me is the start of how I will become in my future life.I have to make good during my college days,to earn points for my future life.In order to make good in my college life.I have to start planning what I want to achieve and what I want to become 5 years from now. My college life is another goal to reach and achieve in order to succeed in life.


First When I search for the wikipinas it is unavailable so I talk to other people they tell me that it is similar to the wikipedia.Then I think it was the Filipino version of wikipedia. On the other day when I go to school I asked my classmate Mr. Kenneth Cabang what is wikipinas and he told me that this website is where Im going to research what I want to search thats it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

All about my childhood days

I am Gian Rafael T. Ferrer and this my childhood story. When I was young, I was naughty and hardheaded. I always tease and make fun of my younger brother
Fernan. Since I'm the eldest I always get what I want toys like Remote control cars ,Lego
and Robots. Me and my brother always play with it together.At the time we use to live in
Valenzuela City.I finished my preschool and elementary in Notre Dame of Greater Manila
in Caloocan City a few minutes ride from Valenzuela.There I spend my time playing in a
long and wide play ground.Me and my friends play patintero,hide and seek and also I play
basketball in the Gym.

On the other hand when weekend came I asked my mother to go to
carnaval where I enjoy fun rides. There I enjoy riding the train where it roam around the
carnaval.The bumpcar where you bump another car And also caterpillar that go fast up
and down in a circular motion. When I get home I went to my friend house to play com-
puter games, super nintendo is famous at that time.Mortal Kombat is the game I play
before also that time I first learned to hold a personal computer. I realized now that
playing games was always my priority when I was a little boy.There was no dull moment, always toys and games.